Can I get a printable copy of the Meeting Registration form?

Yes! Meeting Registration Preview

Why is my personal information required?

Personal information is used to ensure the integrity of the meeting information and helps SAICO maintain a connection to the meeting in subsequent years.

How is my personal information kept secure?

The SA Meeting Registration/Update system uses Jotform, a web-based data entry and storage service popular with medical providers, to collect both meeting and personal information. SAICO periodically downloads information from Jotform for storage on local, secure servers. Jotform and SAICO cooperate to protect your personal information to the levels required by HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA. These standards ensure that your information is not given out to anyone without your permission and that your information can be deleted at your request.  Importantly, as described below, only information provided on the Personal Information form (part 2) of the system is treated with this level of security.  Personally identifiable information should never be entered into the Meeting Information form (part 1).

Why can’t the Meeting Information form (part 1) be made more secure?

The Meeting Information (part 1) is designed to be accessed by multiple trusted servants of each meeting in order to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the information. It is difficult to give multiple people access to the same information and guarantee the security of that information. Fortunately, the minimum required information on the Meeting Information form does not include any personally identifiable information or details of the meeting location. For this reason, for the purposes of the SA Census, the information collected on the Meeting Information form does not pose a security risk. As described below, meetings can choose to put more sensitive information on the form. After both the Meeting Information and Personal Information parts of the System are filled out, the user receives an email with a link that, when clicked, brings up the completed Meeting Information form (part 1). Meetings are encouraged to distribute this edit link to trusted servants of the Meeting so they can check the information and fill out their own Personal Information form for associating with the meeting.  This ensures SAICO can stay connected with the meeting through the years. The distributed network of meeting members who have access to the Meeting Information form is what poses the security risk to the information (e.g. a security break in a member’s computer). Meetings are therefore strongly encouraged to choose trusted servants carefully, as well as what information is provided on the Meeting Information form. As described above, the Personal Information form (part 2) is handled differently — only SAICO has access to that information.

How does a census of meetings help strengthen the SA service structure?

As discussed in the SA Service Manual, the SA service structure is arranged in an inverted pyramid: meetings are at the top of the structure and send a Group Service Representative to their Intergroup. Each Intergroup sends an Intergroup Representative to the Region, and each Region elects one or more General Assembly Delegate (GAD). The number of GADs each Region elects is determined by the number of meetings in the Region. One of the primary purposes for collecting periodic census information is to assure that representation in the General Assembly is fairly distributed.

For meetings that have yet to join Intergroups or Regions, the census helps the lower levels of service identify where help and encouragement can be offered so that meetings can enjoy the benefits of participation in the service structure.

Why can’t the census be recorded using information from our Intergroup website?  Why do we have to fill out an additional form?

It is not practical to to extract census information from all of the different formats Intergroups have used to display information about their meetings.  There are just too many Intergroups.  Furthermore, many meetings are not yet served by Intergroups.  The fair thing to do is have each meeting fill out the same, simple form.

Is participation in the Find a Meeting Tool required?

Participation in the Find a Meeting Tool is completely optional. Meetings can include as much or as little information as desired for the Tool by checking the appropriate “Publish” boxes. Meetings may also wish to provide information but not mark the “Publish” box. This is a way the meeting can remain anonymous, but conveniently inform SAICO and their Intergroups how to direct newcomers to the meeting (see also).

My Intergroup has a website.  The Find a Meeting Tool seems like duplication of effort

The Find a Meeting Tool is actually designed to enable rapid communication between meetings and Intergroups whenever changes in meeting information is made.  Assuming the Intergroup’s outreach email is entered in the “Meeting Email Address” box, an email will immediately be sent to that address when changes are made to the Meeting Information form.  Alternately, you can forward to your Intergroup the email you receive when you complete the Personal Information form. That email will contain a link that, when clicked, brings up the Meeting Information form (see also).  If there is sufficient interest in the fellowship, Intergroups may be provided with the list of their meetings collected with this tool.

How is this information used by SAICO?

One of SAICO’s primary tasks is to direct newcomers to meetings. The information provided in this Registration/Update system provides SAICO the information needed to conduct this task in a manner that is consistent with each meeting’s wishes. If an item is not marked as “Publish,” SAICO will not directly provide that information to a newcomer. For meetings opting for maximum anonymity, SAICO will ask the newcomer for his/her contact information and provide that to the most recent Meeting contact person. It is then up to the Meeting contact to connect with the newcomer. As indicated on the Personal Information form (part 2), members may also wish to opt in to receive communication from SAICO concerning the topics listed on that form.