[from Essay May 2020]

In the Alcoholics Anonymous story Freedom From Bondage (page 552) the woman describes her desperate need to be free of resentment. Her very specific formula of praying for the person or thing she resents really works! This led me to develop the One, Two, Three Waltz. For those unfamiliar with social dancing, a waltz is three steps repeated over and over.

The first step of the waltz is “God, I surrender my right to resent (or be judgmental or be angry or to reject a) person or thing.”

The second step is: “I pray that  person or thing gets whatever she/he/it needs to be healthy and whole today. I pray that  person or thing gets today whatever I would want for myself.”

The third waltz step is: “God, may I find in You whatever I thought I would find in resenting (or judging or being angry or pushing away)  person or thing. May Thy will be done.”

Two cautions:  The prayer in the second step may need to be repeated until it feels genuine. This can take extra effort!  And, like a waltz, all three steps will need to be repeated over and over.  Being willing to do the waltz for two weeks is essential.

Try the One, Two, Three Waltz.  You’ll find, as I have often, that it works!

David M., Oregon USA