[From the May, 2020 Essay]

One day a sexaholic out walking alone fell into a pit. The pit was deep. As much as he tried, the sexaholic couldn’t get out. He tried to jump up and to climb up, but this proved useless. He was stuck in the pit with no apparent way out.

The sexaholic cried out from the pit for help. A doctor was walking by and hearing the cries for help approached the edge. “I’ve fallen into this pit and can’t get out,” the sexaholic said. “Please help me get out!” “Well, I am a doctor,” the doctor told him. “ Let me help you.” The doctor reached into his jacket for a container of painkillers. Tossing it into the pit he called out, “Take these. They will help you deal with the pain you’re experiencing from being in the pit.” The sexaholic thanked the doctor as he left. The pills helped numb the pain of being in the pit, but after some time the pills wore off  and the sexaholic was still in the pit.

Again he cried out: “Please help me! I’m stuck in this pit!” A psychologist happened by and went over to see what all the ruckus was about. He asked the sexaholic caringly: “How did you get into that pit!? Did someone put you in there? Maybe your parents put you there? Was it your elementary school teacher? Were you born there? Let’s talk about it.” They spoke about it for a while. After almost an hour the psychologist looked at his watch and said “I’m sorry but our time is up and I really need to be leaving. Maybe we can speak more about it next week.” The sexaholic thanked him for his time. He really had felt better while they were talking. The sexaholic was still stuck in the pit.

Next a spiritual mentor chanced upon the sexaholic crying for help. The sexaholic explained that he was stuck in the pit and couldn’t get out. “Here, take this!” the spiritual mentor said, tossing a leather bound book into the pit. “Read that, it contains spiritual truths that can be helpful to you.” The sexaholic read the book and it really did contain many interesting and thought-provoking spiritual teachings, but he was still pit-bound. “Now let’s pray together,” said the mentor.Together they prayed, the spiritual mentor up above the pit and the sexaholic below. After praying the mentor said, “I must be going now but I promise I will continue to pray for you.” The sexaholic appreciated the mentor’s help but and was still imprisoned in the pit.

The sexaholic’s spouse had been out looking for him. She had his children with her. They walked up to the edge of the pit looking down at the sexaholic who was pleading for help at the top of his lungs. “Listen to me!” she cried out. That got his attention and he quieted. “Don’t you love me?!” she pleaded. “Don’t you love your children! Can’t you see how much pain you’re causing your family! If you love us, if you ever loved us, get out of that pit!” The sexaholic desperately tried to climb out of the pit, for he truly loved his family. His fingers became dirty and bloodied and the knees of his pants were torn through, but as hard as he tried on his own power, he simply couldn’t get out of the pit. After a heartbreaking scene, his family too left, despondent. He cried bitter tears but it was no use.

Finally, a sexaholic in recovery passed by and heard him. “Please, I’m stuck in this pit! Please help me get out of here!” When the sexaholic in recovery saw the situation, he walked right up to the edge and jumped in with him.

The trapped sexaholic shouted at him: “You idiot! What have you done?! Now we’re both in the pit, how does that help anything?!”

Calmly the sexaholic in recovery placed his hand on his fellow’s arm and lovingly told him: “I’m a sexaholic like you. I’ve been in this pit before, and I know the way out.” Eventually, together hand in hand, they walked out of the pit to freedom.

Retold by Daniel K, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel