52 Weeks To Enhance Your Sobriety

[from Essay May 2020] A year of goals

I have attached my goals for the next year in SA. These are to enhance my sobriety. I am going to do a goal every week and write about it in a journal.

Week 1: Make a list of all those I blame (or have blamed) for my problems and pray for them.
Week 2: This week I will focus on accepting the differences in others and learn to love them as they are.
Week 3: I will list 5 things I like about myself
Week 4: What is the next right thing in my life today? Have I tried to follow this way of living?
Week 5: What does recovery look like for me? Journal this.
Week 6: I will list 10 things about my spouse that are good qualities and share them with her or him. For those who aren’t married do this with a good friend instead.
Week 7: Read a paragraph from the White Book and spend 10 minutes in meditation on it.
Week 8: This week I will attempt to practice patience and delayed gratification
Week 9: What pleasures can I find in life this week outside of lust? Journal this.
Week 10: “The courage to change the things I can.” What things can I change this week? Am I willing to ask God for the courage to do so?
Week 11: I will learn to practice humility this week. What are the ways I can be more humble? How has pride harmed me? Journal this.
Week 12: I will read a selection from “Member Stories”, reflect on it and write about it.
Week 13: How much value do I place on taking life 1 day at a time? Do I take my sobriety for granted?
Week 14: How much of myself do I see in “A Vision for You”?
Week 15: Step 4 tells us to take a fearless inventory. What do I fear today? Am I willing to surrender this?
Week 16: How willing am I to do whatever it takes to stay sober? Am I working the program currently?
Week 17: Celebrate Sponsor Appreciation Week and let them know how much you appreciate them. If you don’t have a sponsor, make it a point this week to get one.
Week 18: Hungry. I will focus on the role food plays in my life and avoid getting too hungry.
Week 19: Step1 says I should admit I am powerless over lust. What else am I powerless over today?
Week 20: How many of the “promises” have come true for me? Why or why not?
Week 21: I will let go of 1 event from the wreckage of my past that I cling to.
Week 22: Step 7 says I should humbly ask God to remove my shortcomings. What does “humbly asking” look like to me? Do I normally speak to God humbly?
Week 23: I will ask God this week to know the difference between what I can and cannot change.
Week 24: Have I actively sought God’s will this week? Do I even want to do His will?
Week 25: Am I making progressive victory over lust or am I back into old habits? What can I do to continue to progress to a better sobriety?
Week 26: Step 12 speaks of a spiritual awakening. What does my spiritual awakening look like?
Week 27: Step 3 speaks of turning over or giving to God that which I hold on to. What do I need to turn over to God today?
Week 28: Anger. I will focus on praying for the objects of my anger as well as surrendering this defect.
Week 29: I will call someone on the phone list I haven’t called before.
Week 30: I will say the 3rd step prayer every day for a week.
Week 31: I will sign up to lead a meeting
Week 32: I will ask God what I can do this week for the man who is still sick (A Vision for You)
Week 33: I will make a list of the defects of character that are most hurting me today and surrender them all.
Week 34: I will read 1 article from the Essay Newsletter
Week 35: Lonely. I will work on not being lonely this week and strive to work on my program instead.
Week 36: I will meditate on what God is doing for me that I cannot do for myself and then thank Him for it.
Week 37: I will pray every day for a week for all those in SA who are in prison.
Week 38: Tired. I will focus on my sleeping habits and make sure they aren’t affecting me negatively with my addiction.
Week 39: I will write a letter to an SA member who is in prison or think about what my life would be like if I was in prison for this disease.
Week 40: Am I practicing acceptance as the answer to all my problems today? I will think about how to be better at this.
Week 41: I will work on changing 1 bad attitude this week.
Week 42: Read Tradition 7 and think about how I do or do not live up to this. Am I helping to support the group?
Week 43: How united am I to the primary purpose of SA (Tradition 5)? Do I see the group having any other purpose? Do I do my part to keep the group focused on the primary purpose?
Week 44: I will pray every day this week for the person I most lust after.
Week 45: Read Tradition 3. How strong is my desire to stop lusting?
Week 46: Are there amends I need to make to myself? How can I make them?
Week 47: I will list 5 things in my life that are good right now and thank God for them.
Week 48: Am I restless, irritable and discontented? What is causing this? Will I surrender the cause?
Week 49: How am I doing at upholding my anonymity?
Week 50: When was the last time I cried or had an emotional experience? I will think about my emotions and surrender any fear regarding them.
Week 51: I will repeat 1 goal from this list that I found to be the most helpful.
Week 52: What things have I changed in the last year? What do I want to change now?

Michael B St. Louis, MO