ESSAY is our bimonthly Meeting in Print and presents the experience, strength, and hope of SA members. ESSAY is aware that every SA member has an individual way of working the program. In submitting articles, please remember SA’s sobriety definition is not debated, since it distinguishes SA from other sex addiction fellowships. Opinions expressed in ESSAY are not to be attributed to SA as a whole, nor does publication of any article imply endorsement by SA or by ESSAY. Your contributions to ESSAY are invited. Refer to Submissions Guidelines for information on doing this. The closing date for articles is approximately six weeks prior to publication dates in February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Resolution: “Since each issue of ESSAY cannot go through the SA Literature approval process, the Trustees and General Delegate Assembly recognize ESSAY as the International Journal of Sexaholics Anonymous and support the use of ESSAY materials in SA meetings.” Adopted by the Trustees and Delegate Assembly in May, 2016.

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Year Month Name (click to view/read) Language
2023 February Essay: “The Joy Of Service” English
2023 February Essay: “LA ALEGRÍA DEL SERVICIO” Spanish/Español
2023 February Essay: “Radość służby” Polish
2022 December Essay: “Fun in Recovery” English
2022 December Essay: “Diversion en recuperacion” Spanish/Español
2022 December Essay: “Radość zdrowienia” Polish
2022 October Essay: “Cooperating With Professionals” English
2022 October Essay: “Trabajando con Profesionales” Spanish/Español
2022 October Essay: “Współpraca z profesjonalistami” Polish
2022 August Essay: “The Slogans” English
2022 August Essay: “Los Lemas” Spanish/Español
2022 August Essay: “Hasła” Polish
2022 June Essay: “Emotional Sobriety” English
2022 June Essay: “Sobriedad Emocional” Spanish/Español
2022 June Essay: “Trzeźwość emocjonalna” Polish
2022 April Essay: “Sponsorship: Benefits & Challenges” English
2022 April Essay: “Padrinazgo: Beneficios & Retos” Spanish/Español
2022 April Essay: “Sponsorowanie” Polish
2022 February Essay: “2022: The Year of CFC” English
2022 February Essay: “Rok komitetu zakładów karnych (CFC)” Polish
2021 December Essay: “1981-2021: 40 Years of Essay” English
2021 December Essay: “1981-2021: 40 lat Essay” Polish
2021 October Essay: “Learning From Our Old-timers” English
2021 October Essay: “Ucząc się od naszych oldtimerów” Polish
2021 August Essay: “Supporting Women in SA” English
2021 August Essay: “Wspieranie kobiet w SA” Polish
2021 May Essay: “What Makes Meetings Strong?” English
2021 Mayo Essay: “Que Hace Las Reuniones Fuerte?” Spanish/Español
2021 May Essay: “Co sprawia, że ​​mitingi są silne?” Polish
2021 Mai Essay: “Qu’est-ce qui rend les réunions fortes?” French
2021 February Essay: “Young & Sober in the fellowship of SA” English
2021 Febrero Essay: “Jóvenes & Sobrios en SA” Spanish/Español
2021 February Essay: “Młodzi i trzeźwi w SA” Polish
2020 December Essay: “Happy & Joyous Freedom in times of global lockdown” English
2020 Diciembre Essay: “Libertad Feliz & Gozosa en tiempos de bloqueo global” Spanish/Español
2020 October Essay: “Prejudices & Challenges in SA Recovery” English
2020 Octubre Essay: “Prejuicios y Retos en recuperacion” Spanish/Español
2020 August Essay: “Found In Translation” English
2020 August Essay: “Encontrado en la traducción” Spanish/Español
2020 May Essay: “Travel & SA Recovery” English
2020 May Essay: “Viajes y recuperación en SA” Spanish/Español
2020 February Essay: “Sober Dating” English
2020 February Essay: “Citas Sobrias” Spanish/Español
2020 February Essay: (selected parts) Farsi
2020 February Essay: (selected parts) Russian
2019 December Essay: “Miracles In Recovery” English
2019 December Essay: “Milagros en Recuperacion” Spanish/Español
2019 October Essay: “Freedom Behind Bars” English
2019 October Essay: “Libertad Tras las Rejas” Spanish/Español
2019 August Essay: “S.A. At 40 Years!” English
2019 August Essay: “¡SA a los 40 años!” Spanish/Español
2019 May Essay: “Openmindedness” English
2019 May Essay: “Mente Abierta” Spanish/Español
2019 February Essay: “Sobriety and Relationships” English
2019 February Essay: “Sobriedad y relaciones” Spanish/Español
2018 December Essay: “Service Work As A Gift” English
2018 December Essay: “El servicio como un regalo” Spanish/Español
2018 October Essay: “Humility” English
2018 October Essay: “Humildad” Spanish/Español
2018 August Essay: “Traditions” English
2018 August Essay: “Tradiciones” Spanish/Español
2018 May Essay: “Anonymity” English
2018 May Essay: “Anonimato” Spanish/Español
2018 February Essay: “The Hand of SA Reaches Out” English
2018 February Essay: “La Mano de SA se Extiende” Spanish/Español
2017 December Essay: “SA and Technology” English
2017 September Essay: “Willing to Go to Any Length” English
2017 June Essay: “Women in SA” English
2009 December Essay: “A Fond Remembrance of Roy K.” English